CEH #14: Prepare and Power Up Your IPO with Digitalisation

A webinar recording clip.

An IPO is a major milestone in a corporate’s lifetime. It is a badge of honour, a coming of age and a recognition of success in the public space. While the reasons for a public listing are many, raising of capital for future growth and upscaling of business operations is a paramount reason. Being listed also opens doors to other opportunities including the use of the listed company’s own shares to fund acquisitions, incentivizing key staff by issue of executive share options, etc. ​

Embarking on the journey from being a private company to becoming a publicly listed one can be exciting but complex. With strategies to consider, procedures to follow, tasks to complete and decisions to be made at every turn, making the right moves at every step of the way will be a deciding factor on whether your IPO will be a success or a mess.​

One key driver of success in an IPO journey is to leverage digitalization to enhance IPO prospects. With digitalization, an organization can expand marketing channels, develop intellectual property, and improve efficiency of business processes, thereby leading to enhanced profitability. ​

In this webinar, our IPO experts, will share their knowledge and experience on how to strategize for an IPO by leveraging on digitalization, success formulas for IPOs, key business connections and best practices.

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