CEH #24: Capitalising on Tax Incentives and Government Grants for SMEs

A webinar recording clip.

Tax incentives are given to encourage local and foreign businesses to invest or reinvest in Malaysia. Amongst the common tax incentives given by the Government are income tax exemptions, enhanced tax deductions and additional allowances. Recently, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) has been urging businesses to pursue adoption of green technology. Further, manufacturers embarking on automation projects can enjoy additional tax incentives.

Other than tax incentives, the 2022 Budget has a sizable allocation of several billion Ringgit to be disbursed as grants to businesses of all sizes through its various agencies. For businesses in crisis, these grants could be a real lifesaver; while for others, the extra cash could be used to springboard their business to the next level of growth.

Join our webinar to discover the various types of Tax Incentives and Government Grants available to businesses and how you can potentially benefit from these options.

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