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 Will there be any validity for our Subscription Plan (SP)? Do the subscribers have to utilise it within a certain period? What if the subscribers can’t have it finished within the stated tenure? Will it be carried forward or forfeited?
Answer: The tenure of our Soft Skills Subscription Plan is 1 (one) year. There will be a 3-months grace period to utilise the balance of SP once the 1-year tenure has ended. 

 What if the subscribers decided to have the same modules conducted again as there is high demand, ie. omitting the other unclaimed chosen module to replace the new chosen/repeated module? Will the subscribers be allowed to do so?
Answer: YES, provided the switched programmes are listed in the SP’s programme list (18 programmes as at now). 1 (one) month notice is required if you wish to switch between programmes.

 Will the subscribers be allowed to use the unutilised SP credits as part of payment for full plan/stand-alone programme? 
Answer: NO. As we must apply SBL Khas scheme in full amount for the selected SP package to HRDC in advance.

Question: Is it possible to change the training platform from online to face to face (F2F) once the situation has allowed us to do so? 
Answer: YES. However, for the travelling cost and other logistic costs related to F2F training will be incurred and charged separately. Those charges are to be borne by the subscribers. It is not claimable under HRDC as the course charges will be charged in advance during the SP claim.

Question: Will the SP be applied under SBL Khas scheme? How do we apply? All chosen programmes in 1 bulk or apply 1 by 1 in HRDC portal. 
Answer: SBL Khas to be applied for 2 full-day programme or 4 half-day programme depends on the chosen SP package. 6% SST and 4% HRDC service charge will be borne by subscribers.

 What is the minimum or maximum number of employees allowed to join for the training under Subscription Plan?
Answer: The maximum number of participants per session is 10pax. SP is only applicable for selected soft skills modules and will be conducted via ONLINE.

Question: What training coverage do you have?
Answer: Complete training list can be found in our website – https://www.crowedigital.my/programme-listing/

Question: Are the training modules claimable from HRDC fund?
Answer: All our courses/training are fully claimable from HRDC fund.

Question: Are there any training module for Accounts/Finance/HR?
Answer: Yes, however some training might require customisation. Please contact us if there is no suitable programme listed in our website. Our Programme Advisor will schedule a meeting for a further discussion to understand client’s training needs.

Question: What is the minimum or maximum number of employees allowed to join for the training?
Answer: If the training funds were to be claimed via HRDC, for technical skills training (Audit/Tax/Advisory subject), max. 25pax, while for soft skills training, max. 35pax. If the training funds were to be fully borne by client, there is no limitation on number of participants. Training fee will be quoted accordingly.

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