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Download and watch our training videos and past webinar recordings at your own time and convenience. Exclusive package deals are available.

At Crowe CPE, we believe that a company’s employees are its most important asset in driving business growth. The value of training both new and experienced staff is worth the investment because building up the skills within the business will effectively improve your company’s bottom line. We offer a range of online and face-to-face training courses to suit your needs from basic to advanced levels.

Find out what Crowe CPE can do for you. Experience our online training programmes which are nothing like the typical sit-back-and-listen lectures. You’ll engage in various activities – think polls, problem-solving exercises, short essays or even breakout rooms where you discuss and debate solutions with your classmates. And in the process, immerse yourself in real-world learning.

Whether you’re in a junior position or aspire to take on a leadership role, you’ll come away with the skills needed to advance your career, your team, and your organization.

Enquire now or take our Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire to find out which training fits you best.

Technical Training

Be an expert and enhance your value to your company by watching our Online Training videos. We will be conducting regular training seminars via live Zoom video on interesting topics that will deepen your knowledge and broaden your perspectives as you interact with our experts. You can also purchase our pre-recorded videos of past webinars in case you have missed those.

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Soft-skills Training

We constantly adapt our training materials to address the challenges of your business and help you prepare your workforce for the future.

What our learners say about our trainers:

  • Increased Confidence: The majority of our participants reported that they felt more confident at work and were able to communicate more effectively with their colleagues and clients.
  • Enhanced Creative and Critical Thinking: Our learners said Crowe CPE courses enabled them to “think outside the box”, helping them make informed decisions, and achieving the desired results.
  • Improved Problem Solving: Many of our participants felt they were able to be more proactive when recognizing problems and potential barriers to projects, tasks and goals.

If you wish to engage us to conduct in-house face-to-face trainings for your staff and do not have adequate resources to meet the COVID-19 SOP guidelines, we are happy to offer our training facilities and services. Please contact us for more details of how we adhere to SOP guidelines or how we can offer our training facilities to conduct our FTF courses.

Service Champion Skills

Excellent customer service means helping customers/clients effectively & efficiently, in a friendly manner. It is essential

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